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Star Wars fans in Canada had plenty of reason to geek out in June this year when a librarian in New Brunswick turned up what appeared to be an original script of the first film in a university archive. The script was dated March 15, 1976 – well before the movie’s release – and showed some major differences from the finished movie (for example, the main character’s name was “Luke Starkiller”). Unfortunately, it appears the script was a fan-made replica copy, like you’d find at sci-fi conventions. But while that one turned out to be a fake, some people have lucked into some truly remarkable pop culture memorabilia in the most unexpected places.

10. Amelia Earhart Film


In the spring of 1937, famed aviator Amelia Earhart was preparing for her fateful, doomed attempt to fly around the world. Before departing, Earhart stopped for a photo shoot at an airfield in Burbank, California with her personal photographer, Al Bresnik. Bresnik’s brother, John, came along for the photo shoot and recorded three and a half minutes of home movie footage on a 16-millimeter camera. The film then sat on a shelf in John Bresnik’s office for 50 years, after which it sat on a shelf in his son’s office for another 20 years before it was rediscovered.

Dubbed Amelia Earhart’s Last Photo Shoot, the film purports to show a more “feminine” side of Earhart, as she poses for photos and shows people around her plane. The film is being released by Paragon Agency along with an 80-page book of the same name. Publisher Doug Westfall says he plans to eventually donate the original film given to him by Bresnik’s son to an archive or museum.

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