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How old is old? For some, 40 is old. Others think 60. And then for some, you’re not old until you’re in your 80s. When we think of old, we think of wrinkles, weakness, aches and pains, and just not being able to do the same things as when we were younger. Well, maybe we can change your definition of old with the following pictures of men. They are all older than 40, but it’s hard to tell with some of them. So here are 12 men who will leave you speechless and rethinking what “old” means to you.

1. Philippe Dumas, 60 Years Old

Hello sir, I would just like to say you are very attractive.
viaInstagram / @dumphil

2. Jeremy Lea

Picture it. You’re crying, heartbroken, and then he shows up and says, “Any man who makes you cry isn’t worth the tears.” And then you move into his villa.
viaInstagram / @jeremylea6
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