There have been a lot of amazing action stars whose names have reached the top of the Hollywood A-list, but not many are as talented as the always awesome Bruce Willis. The iconic bald actor has been around for years and is incredibly talented, and at age 61, he is showing no signs of slowing down.

If you love Bruce Willis as much as I do, you’ll love reading about these cool facts from his career.


1. Bruce Willis isn’t even his real name.

He was actually born Walter Bruce Willison.

2. He was born in Germany.

He moved to New Jersey when he was just two years old. 


3. He used to work as a private investigator.

After high school, Bruce started working as a security guard and eventually became a PI. 

4. He is an amazing bowler.

Fans spotted Bruce bowl a 283 at an alley in New York. 

5. He also had a very popular album.

The Return of Bruno came out in 1987 and the song “Respect Yourself” actually reached #5 on the charts. 

6. The role of Malcolm Crowe in The Sixth Sense was actually written specifically for Bruce.

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7. He is the co-founder of Planet Hollywood.

He opened the chain of restaurants with Sylvester Stallone, Demi Moore and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 


8. He was a national spokesman for Children in Foster Care.

George W. Bush appointed him to this position in 2002.

9. He had a stutter as a child.

He said that acting actually helped him with this problem and that whenever he was on stage he noticed that his stutter would slowly go away.

10. He starred in his very own video game.

He played the main character’s sidekick in the game Apocalypse
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11. He is worth about $180 million.

Not bad. 

12. Little Richard officiated his wedding to Demi.

That would be one interesting wedding. 
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13. He was a star wrestler in high school.

However, he suffered a bad sprain that left him with a huge scar on his shoulder.