Once upon a time, there was a thing called shop class. Kids would go and learn how to use basic tools and maybe make a few small projects. I remember making a pencil holder back in the day, and I learned about making a plan and sanding and using the drill press. Good times. That didn’t necessarily set me up for all kinds of success, but at least I was familiar with the tools you use to fix things and could see that there was a proper way to do things.

Kids don’t get the kind of hands-on experience they used to. And even back in the day, to fix anything even remotely complicated, you’d either have to call in an expert or just replace it. But today we also have YouTube, and all kinds of tutorials on how to fix a whole slew of problems. So there’s little excuse for these lazy, doomed repairs.

1. Nothing says “structurally sound” like zip ties.

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2. Wouldn’t want to be stuck behind this guy on the highway.

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3. The scratches on the door suggest wire was a poor choice.

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4. Well, this is awkward.

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5. When peeling paint needs some attention, don’t you naturally reach for the Scotch tape?

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6. Protip: If your side mirror is falling off, tie it back on with a USB cable.

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7. Masking tape makes a broken window all better.

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8. I’m sure that giant pillar wasn’t that important.

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9. I’ve got a sinking feeling about this…

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10. I don’t think this was well thought through.

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11. So, um, what happens if it doesn’t all come out of the wall at once?

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12. If you can afford the Beamer, you can afford a proper windshield wiper.

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13. When you ask the landlord to fix the crack in the ceiling and he does this, it’s time to find a new landlord.

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14. There might be something wrong with this door stopper, I don’t know.

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15. Maybe they’re coming back later with some mortar?

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