Sometimes, it can seem like a run of bad luck just follows you everywhere you go. We’ve all had bad days, but on these special occasions, it’s like the world ate some super-spicy chili and needed a few days before it could stop shitting on you.But after you spend all that time hanging in there with a totally ruined umbrella (and a really tortured metaphor), the shit clouds can finally go away and the sun comes back. At this moment, the burst of good luck you get is almost worth the rain of shit you had to survive before.

With all that being said, here are 16 crappy situations that kind of turned out OK.

1. Yeah, this is me when I’m about to do pretty much anything.

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2. When you’re stuck with chill people, it’s like you ain’t stuck at all.

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3. Haha, shit like this is why I don’t miss college.

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4. It’s funny how victory often comes right after you think you’ve lost.

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5. Sucks to have someone going through your shit but…

It’s also really satisfying to catch ’em this way.
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6. Free anything would be good at this point, but homies know how to go the extra mile.

7. Fucking up the dialing ain’t so bad when it takes you on a little adventure.

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8. My, how the tables have turned.

And they won’t be back for hours. Bwahahahaha.
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9. Nothing like sweet freedom with nobody to make you feel guilty.

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10. Sometimes “fuck it” mode is exactly what you should have gone with the whole time.

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11. If something like this has to happen, it should at least give you something to laugh about.

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12. This is what happens when you keep your risk/reward game on point.

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13. Hey man, there’s a fine line between fucking up and inventing shit.

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14. This is the kind of shit that usually only happens in cartoons.

Nothing like when your luck got that Bugs Bunny swag.
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15. Being alone has its perks sometimes.

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16. Plus, these moments help you find out how many fakes you can cut from your circle.

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Main Image via reddit / hong_kong