Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s a holiday that I never particularly cared for. But maybe that’s because I’d always been missing the point. It doesn’t have to be a day for lovers and romance and too much chocolate (that part I never had a problem with). Maybe it should be thought of more as a day to remind the people you care about that they matter to you and that you’re there for them, you know?

That’s certainly what one town is doing for a boy and his family facing hardship this year. It’s something that we wanted to take part in, too. See how people are coming together to make sure that Timmy and his family feel love and support this Valentine’s Day.

If you want to help Timmy and his family, you can donate on his GoFundMe page:

Timmy Nelson is a kindergarten student living in Chillicothe, Ohio. Timmy and his family recently received the news that the tumor on the top of his mouth is cancerous.

Timmy’s mother, Cassandra, has left school learning to be an Early Childhood Educator, to look after her son.

When Cassandra left school to take care of Timmy, the students and faculty wanted them to know that they were in their thoughts.

A group of students and staff have started a campaign to collect 1,000 Valentines for Timmy since he will be missing the day in school, “I thought, ‘He is going to miss his Valentine’s (Day) party.’ Who doesn’t remember that? You know, the box, the Valentine’s cards, the cupcakes, the little hearts… and I said we are going to do a Valentine drive.”

In an effort to be extra helpful, classmates are raising money to help fund the commute from Timmy’s home to the hospital.

“It is a rare form of cancer, you just hope that they can take care of it within the next year and get him back to school,” Amy Storts commented, a classmate and co-worker of Timmy’s mother.

Here at Diply, we wanted to send Timmy our Valentine’s love and support! So, we got together and each made Timmy a Valentine to send to him in hopes that he has an amazing Valentine’s Day!

Let’s make sure that Timmy gets way more than 1,000 Valentine’s this year! 

Want to be a part of this special Valentine’s Day?