I love that people rock so many different hair colors. I have seen people with rainbow, neon yellow, and even gray hair. It’s pretty amazing. If you’re into fun hair colors, then you need to check out white hair. Even though it’s a simple color, it’s very gorgeous. Check out these people who rock white hair perfectly! Love it!

1. These white braids are so beautiful!

A hair color like this will definitely make you stand out. 
viaInstagram / @afrostylshop

2. I want to dye my hair from black to white.

I’m being so serious. 

3. Lavender roots and white hair?

I had no idea that they’d go so well together. 
viaInstagram / @alternativexfashion

4. This is so icy!


5. White hair looks amazing on men and ladies.


6. White hair, don’t care!

viaInstagram / @nyanelebajoa