Remember all of that hot new technology we were bonkers about in the ’90s?

It was so hip, so cool…until now.

Nowadays, kids look at those most cherished possessions of ours like they are relics from a lost civilization.

My hallway closet might as well be excavated like it’s Angkor Wat, its contents carefully removed and placed in museums so children can learn of the “old ways.”

Okay, maybe that’s a tad dramatic. But you get the point.

1. These babies.

Who remembers DOS?!

2. And the dinner plate–sized floppy disks that went with it.

3. Cassettes full of songs recorded off the radio.

(DJ’s voice talking during the entire song intro included).
viaRap RehabAmarudontv

4. Capturing life’s most precious moments with one of these bad boys.

5. “My daughter called me a liar when I told her this was a phone.”

viaImgur / amineguessous

6. How we listened to music on the go, hoping it didn’t ski-ski-ski-skip.

viaInstagram / @jplovescotton

7. And how we talked on the go.

8. Taking a disposable camera on vacation and having to wait to see how that selfie turned out.