I’m not a picnic in the grass kind of girl. If I’m eating outdoors, I at least want a table to separate my food from the ground. But most picnic tables stick out like a sore thumb in picturesque parks.

Not this one, though. Created by artist Michael Beitz, this tree-shaped table was created for Artfarms, a Buffalo group focused on turning vacant lots into community greenspaces. It took Beitz two years to build the table out of pine and blue pine


The work is simply entitled “Tree Picnic.”

Beitz lists its dimensions as 50ft x 20ft x 30 inches. That’s a big family reunion, right there at the same table!

Artfarms has dubbed the table its first “agri-sculpture.”


A couple of the branches step down to create tables and benches closer to the ground.

Perfect for the kids, or for those with shorter legs (like me).

Look how many people can hang out together!

It’s way better than trying to fit more than four people at a standard-sized picnic table!