Nobody really knows why cats took over the internet—it just sort of happened. If you’ve fallen behind on the state of meme-worthy cats in 2017, here’s a quick primer: Keyboard Cat is ancient history and Grumpy Cat is still happening but growing passé. To find the next big feline social media star, we turn our eyes to New York. Let’s meet Sam.

Sam made his Instagram debut more than four years ago.

His owner, Amanda Collado, found a little stray cat huddling next to her apartment building. She took him in, named him Sam, and started up an Instagram account for her feline friend. This is the first picture she posted of Sam.
Instagram | @samhaseyebrows

Sam’s unique markings quickly made him a star.

Sure, he’s a good-looking cat in his own right (just look at those amber eyes!). But once you notice the ‘eyebrow’ markings on his forehead that make it look like he’s perpetually concerned, it’s hard to notice anything else.
Instagram | @samhaseyebrows

It wasn’t long before Sam’s humble Insta was racking up scores of followers.

The account, @samhaseyebrows, shows that Sam truly is a cat for all occasions—although he brings his worries with him wherever he goes.
Instagram | @samhaseyebrows

Like other successful cats, Sam eventually got a book deal.

Sam, the Cat with Eyebrows proves that this fretful feline is no flash in the pan—he has staying power.
Instagram | @samhaseyebrows

Between his Instagram followers and Facebook likes, Sam is closing in on having a million fans.

His appeal has truly gone international, as this tribute from China demonstrates. All in all, not too shabby for a worried little stray from Manhattan.
Instagram | @samhaseyebrows

Main Image via Instagram | @samhaseyebrows