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There are some places around the country and around the world that you just KNOW are haunted. Various graveyards, inns, old houses, all of New Orleans – those are the kinds of places you would expect to hear creepy stories and see strange things. One place you probably wouldn’t expect that? The Happiest Place on Earth.

For decades, there have been rumors that California’s Disneyland theme park is haunted by ghostly figures after the park closes. Mainly, people believe that spirit of Walt Disney is roaming around the park, checking up on things.

Many people would say that these rumors are entirely fictitious, and maybe they are. But this fascinating video might make you think otherwise.

In 2009, a security guard for Disneyland came in for his morning shift and checked the surveillance tapes from the night before. What he saw was…confusing, at best.

The video shows four screens, all next to one another and all showing the different parts of the same walkway over four different screens. The camera zooms in on the first screen and for a good while nothing seems to be happening.

It isn’t until the camera zoomed in that I saw what this guard saw. And then I could not take my eyes off of it.

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