Geordi La Corgi is the most adorable corgi, and maybe the most adorable dog, on the internet. He is pretty much Instagram famous, and according to his bio is an “athlete, model, food enthusiast” – only the last of which I can relate to.

He has such a charming smile and is a snappy dresser – no one wears a crown like him! Plus his puppy dog eyes? To die for!

Check him out!

1. That is definitely the face of someone on vacation.

He is just is really cuddled up there. 
Instagram | @lacorgi

2. See what I mean about those puppy dog eyes?

To. Die. For. 
Instagram | @lacorgi

3. What a handsome gentleman.

He wears that crown like a boss. 
Instagram | @lacorgi

4. Corgi vs. T-Rex!

A showdown for the ages! 
Instagram | @lacorgi

5. What a cheeky little guy!

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Instagram | @lacorgi

Main Image via Instagram | @lacorgi