So I basically have this newfound obsession that I’m having trouble getting over. It isn’t anything that is ruining my life, but I definitely would like to kick the habit. It isn’t anything TOO serious, but it’s something that is incredibly addictive. Are you ready? Okay. I am addicted to looking up celebrity children. Phew…there, I said it. Seriously though, once you start you can’t stop. The other day I was watching a movie and all I could do was sit and wonder what all of the actor’s children looked like.

I tried to stop myself, but I before I knew it I was googling what funnyman Eddie Murphy’s kids were up to.

Here’s what I found.

Eddie Murphy is the 55-year-old performer who has made us laugh in such films as Beverly Hills Cop and Shrek.

Throughout his long and rewarding career, Eddie has been able to juggle acting, singing, and parenting. That’s right, parenting.

Did you know he has nine kids?

That’s right, NINE kids.

Let’s take a look at what they’re all up to!


KID #1 – Eric Murphy

Eric was born in 1989 during Eddie’s relationship with girlfriend Paulette McNeely. Eric keeps pretty quiet and upon googling his name, you’ll most likely stumble upon the Entourage character of the same name. 

KID #2 – Christian Murphy

Christian is Eddie’s second child and was born during his relationship with casting director Tamara Hood. He was born in 1990 and is quite close with his older brother.
viaZimbioJohn Shearer / Getty Images

KID #3 – Bria Murphy

Bria is Eddie’s first child with longtime partner Nicole Mitchell. She is 27 years old and is both a model and actress.
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KID #4 – Miles Murphy

Myles is Eddie’s 24-year-old son. Not much is known about Myles, but from the looks of it, he loves the beach.

KID #5 – Shayne Murphy

Shayne is Eddie’s 22-year-old daughter. She has done her fair share of modeling and is absolutely gorgeous.

KID #6 – Zola Murphy

Zola is Eddie’s second youngest child with Nicole Mitchell. She looks like her dad, don’t you think? She is currently 17.

KID #7 – Bella Murphy

Bella is 14 years old and is the youngest child of Eddie and Nicole. I see a resemblance.

KID #8 – Angel Iris Murphy Brown

Angel is Eddie’s nine-year-old daughter from a fling with former Spice Girl Mel Brown. There was some confusion at the time of Angel’s birth as to whether or not Eddie was the father, but a DNA test made things certain.

KID #9 – Izzy Oona Murphy

In 2016, Eddie had his ninth kid with girlfriend Paige Butcher. I’m having trouble finding an image of her, but if you know of one, share it in the comments!