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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, even small ones! When this group of kids happened to be having an Easter egg hunt near Surrey, England, they saw an alarming sight in the distance. Rather than ignore it or run away, these children decided to do something brilliant that would save the day and stop the bad guys.

The Easter egg hunt was a charity fundraiser, for a little boy in the area who was suffering from leukemia. So the children were already doing an amazing deed when this strange situation confronted them.

A group of eight kids were searching a field for as many eggs as they could find, when a helicopter flew over them.

“It was really noisy and we could see it said ‘police’ on the bottom,” One of the girls present told Daily Mail. “Then we saw a man running along the side of the field. We could see him but the helicopter couldn’t because it was hovering over the woods.”

The children realized that this man must have done something wrong, something that would force him to be pursued by the police. They also realized that the police couldn’t see him and that he was going to get away.

Two suspects running away from police.

At first, the kids tried screaming, jumping, and waving at the helicopter to try and get their attention. But the police were too far and the copter was too loud for their pleas to be heard.

It seemed like hope was lost until two kids had a brilliant idea. Quickly, they told their friends to lay down on the ground and form a giant arrow pointing in the direction of the suspect. They hoped that the police would see their signal and figure out what they were trying to say.

Truth be told, they didn’t at first. After the fact, police officers confessed they thought the kids were just horsing around. But when they actually took the time to look in the direction that their human arrow was pointing in, they saw the suspect running away and were able to track him down. The suspect was then captured after a short pursuit.

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