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Cutting your hair is always a great feeling. When we let our hair get too long and shaggy, we feel weighed down and maybe even not like ourselves. All it takes sometimes is a fresh ‘do to renew your confidence and give you a whole new look.

But sometimes a hair cut can feel even better than usual, especially if it has a bigger purpose behind it. The most common of these instances is when you’re donating your long hair to Locks of Love or an organization like them, which will turn your hair into wigs for people who have lost theirs to cancer and other illnesses.

These groups are willing to accept all types of locks, but only if your hair meets the right length requirements, which is usually around 10″. So for some people, it’s taken months or years to get their hair to acceptable cutting length.

That was the case for Seattle resident Jon Coyne, who has always dreamed of growing his hair out to donate. After years of growing out his long, luscious locks, he finally decided to take the leap in October 2014 and make the big cut for charity.

Jon trusted his big moment to a professional at the Gary Manuel Studio in Seattle to chop off his very long hair before sending them off to Locks of Love. Not only does this studio do an incredible job, but they also offer free haircuts for people who are donating their hair.

Since Jon is the owner and founder of Hoopsmiles, an entertainment company that works to make people smile through hula hooping, no hair makeover would be complete without some hooping during the big haircut! It’s definitely a first, having someone hula hoop through their haircut, but it makes it that much more special for Jon.

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