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Revenge, sweet revenge. We’re cautioned against it morally but good grief, sometimes one bad turn deserves a funny one. And sometimes, it’s simply worth savoring.

What would you do if someone were repeatedly violating you or your property? With little recourse, would you fight back? Like a scene out of the movie Home Alone, that’s exactly what Tacoma resident Jaireme Barrow did. Repeated package thefts from his front porch prodded the fed-up homeowner to take action.

Over a series of two months, Jaireme had packages go missing multiple times. Tired of his stuff getting stolen, he set up a couple surveillance cameras for extra security. Footage caught some of the thieves stealing boxes. What he did next to strike back was absolutely brilliant.

Equal parts prank and deterrent, Jaireme rigged up a decoy box and set it on his porch. The thieves had no idea what was inside, but when they went to snatch it up, the box would give them a loud surprise. In the video, a woman can be seen hopping out of a car and strolling up to his porch. She’s way too casual right?

The nervy gal makes a grab for the box but then drops it and runs off screaming. Did you catch what happened? Guess she didn’t want to get fatally “shot”. Jaireme outfitted the box with a blank shotgun shell that fired each time the box was lifted off the ground.

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