After their car broke down, Brianna and Robert had to rely on their friends to give them rides to and from the hospital to see their newborn baby son, Carter.

Brianna, a military wife, had given birth to Carter four months early. The tiny baby boy weighed only two pounds. Additionally, his kidneys had shut down and he suffered brain damage. Doctors were unsure if he would make it… but Brianna and Robert were doing everything they could to keep their hope and faith alive.

In the video below, the Las Vegas couple thinks they’re getting a free ride to the hospital, but the truth (courtesy of the always amazing FOX5 Surprise Squad) is so much more incredible.

On the way to the hospital, Brianna and Robert have no idea the car has been rigged with hidden cameras. And just as they walk through the hospital doors, the driver (who isn’t actually a driver at all) stops them in their tracks.

“Wait you guys! I’m not Sarah,” the drive says.

With that, Brianna and Robert turn back around, confused and bewildered. Watch the video below to see what happens next, and keep your tissues close.

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Video Credit: FOX5 Surprise Squad YouTube / Website / Facebook