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LaMont Hammond, 37, recently became homeless. But it’s his 8-year-old son whom he worries about more than anything in the world. When LaMont realized he didn’t have enough money for a hotel room, he became riddled with anxiety over the thought of his little boy having to sleep on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia.

Not knowing what to do, LaMont brought his son to a nearby Waffle House to plan his next move.

Amen Webster, the restaurant’s security guard (and a total stranger to LaMont), was working at the Waffle House when he saw the father and son. Amen instantly noticed the little boy shivering and the pain on the heartbroken father’s face.

Having been homeless before, Amen sensed LaMont was in a similar predicament. So, he quietly approached their table, sat down and asked what was wrong.

LaMont admitted that the stranger’s one simple question left him on the verge of tears, but he wanted to stay strong for his son. He told Amen why he was so stressed and worried.

That’s when the security guard told his boss he needed to take a quick break — and proceeded to do something so incredible, it’s now making headlines across the country.

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