Let’s just get to the point: being a single anything is difficult even on the best of days.But being a single dad? It’s a different game altogether.

And there are no halftimes here. Being a single dad, in every sense of the word, is a full-time role.

These single dads know what’s up and aren’t afraid to say the truth about what it’s really like.

They share the ups, the downs, and the funnies — no filter.

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1. The Truth Is

“it is a widespread assumption that when a relationship breaks down, it’s a man’s instinct to run off and abandon his duties. But that’s not the case.”  — Kevin Brazant
Instagram | @rockn206steady

2. A Superhero Because He Has To Be

“[I] can make the bacon, fry it up, braid some hair and catch the football game. All at the same time. I’m superman because I have to be. And it’s the highest honor of my life. I’m proud to be a single dad.”
Instagram | @jadenjkid

3. The Everything Parent

“You don’t get labeled as being the fun parent, the helping with homework parent, the one who lays down the law … or anything that may be considered partial of the full job. You are the everything parent. “You get all the tears, the joy, the tantrums, the hugs, the disappointments, and all that their life has to offer. You do it all, you love it all. You don’t have to ask what your child likes, or what you should get. You know all there is to know about them.”
Instagram | @codysbtaylor

4. Don’t Be Afraid Because You Are A Man

“Always remember to hug your kids and hold them tight. tell them you love them way [too] much. don’t be afraid about doing something because ‘you are a man and men don’t do nails or hair’. don’t let your ego get so big that you wont dance like a idiot in public to make your kids laugh. Be the father you know your child deserves.” — Tyson
Instagram | @moira.jams