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In 2015, Britain’s Got Talent experienced the Neales, a group of four men who happen to share a bond that we can all appreciate. Their story, along with their talent, is absolutely incredible.

The group consists of Laurie Neales and his three sons.

60-year-old Laurie, suffered a heart attack 10 years ago, the result of his hard work to keep his family afloat; he ran himself into the ground trying to do the best for everyone else. When his sons realized the cause of his near-death experience, they realized that life is just too short.

So Laurie and his sons decided to change their lives; they decided to follow their passions and help their dad pursue things that make him happy.

That’s when this family affair all began. Now, the four of them get to follow their dreams together on the big stage of Britain’s Got Talent. Laurie’s big dream is to perform, and not just to perform, but to sing with his talented sons. At family parties, the boys would sing karaoke with their father, and he had always dreamed of performing in public as a group.

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