Baby carriers often suffer a lot of wear and tear, so you want to ensure you have one that will hold up to heavy use. Well, the Mission Critical Baby Carrier will certainly manage that much. This military-grade carrier has been specially designed for the rugged realities of the modern dad.

The outer shell is made of 1000D nylon, making it look more like body armor than a typical baby carrier — but it also meets all ASTM regulations.

So your baby will be safe, while Dad will look ready for anything. 
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The carrier includes MOLLE webbing on the front and back, allowing for various attachments, including a full backpack accessory for convenient storage and weight distribution.

There are also bottle holders, pouches, etc. that can be purchased from Mission Critical, or you can use anything made for attaching to MOLLE webbing. 

The carrier will hold up to heavy use and works for babies from 8–35lbs.

Plus, a meshed webbing throughout improves airflow, so Dad doesn’t end up all sweaty, either. 
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And don’t worry, moms. Just because it’s designed for dads, doesn’t mean it’s not a great choice for tough mothers, too!

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