There’s always that one makeup product that comes out and changes the game. Remember the rainbow highlight? That was crazy! Well, the newest product to change up the game is the Silisponge. It’s insane, and it looks very odd. Keep reading to learn about this sold out beauty tool! I bet it will be on many people’s wish list.

This is the amazing Beauty Blender!

So many people use this tool to blend out their foundation. 
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Exhibit A

Look how amazing her foundation looks. This is exactly why the Beauty Blender is a staple in so many people’s makeup bag. 
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Well, step aside, Beauty Blender, because this is the new sponge that is taking over the beauty scene!

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This silicone sponge looks super weird, huh?

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It even works with cushion foundation.

So crazy! 
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Let’s see how it looks like when it gets blended out!

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It looks like it gives the skin a nice sheen

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It’s also super easy to clean, too!

Just wash it with some soap. 
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People are really loving this sponge because it doesn’t absorb any makeup!

This means that you don’t have to use a lot of foundation.
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I’m obsessed with this tool.

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This really does seem like it works.

This company is already going through its sixth restock pre-order. Better get your hands on it now.  
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It’s really amazing!