There is something magical about going and picking out your wedding dress. On that day, you feel like the most important person in the world. As you emerge from the dressing room in the first gown you tried on, all eyes are on you and everyone anxiously awaits your reaction when you turn around and see yourself in the mirror. Sometimes it can be hit or miss. The first dress I tried on when I was wedding dress shopping, I was begging the sales lady to get it off me. It was hideous! Looked great on the hanger, but terrible on me. About six dresses in, I found the dress. If I could relive that day over again, I would. For one Imgur user, she wanted to be able to say that she made her own dress — well, that and also the dress she initially wanted was over $3,000!

Take a look and see how she did it! I think it turned out lovely! Let me know what you think.

It would be almost impossible to make a wedding dress without a mannequin form, and rather than wasting her money and buying one, this talented bride-to-be made one.

She saw a YouTube video on how to make one with tape and a T-shirt. 

She doesn’t say how she got out of the dress form.

She does, however, mention that her fiancé helped her, and he taped her chest a little too flat, so she added a bra to increase the bust size. 

This is what is called a “mock dress.”

It’s made from pattern paper that you can sew. This saves on material and helps eliminate mistakes. So, I guess this is like a trial run. 

She used a cheap cotton fabric for the underlay.

Looks great so far. I wouldn’t have made it past the pattern paper. Okay, that’s a lie. I actually would still be stuck in all that tape. 

Next, comes the silk.

This is eight meters of silk, and clearly, you need the largest working space you can get to lay all this fabric out. The best she had is her doorway. My kind of DIYer! Go with what you got! 

Speaking of going with what you got…

An old bra is sacrificed for the loops on the dress. 

LOVE the back!!

I would have been happy with this, but she didn’t stop here. 

This DIYer also has quite the sense of humor.

The two silk layers made the dress opaque but not quite stiff. On a cold day, I looked like a ‘raisin smuggler.’ So I bought some bra forms and sewed them on the inside of the lining.”

The silk underlay all finished.

Taking in some of the gapping at the back.

Her fiancé pinned that back for her…What!!? I’m pretty confident that if I asked my husband to do that, I’d have about 20 pin-pokes in my back. 

She lets us know that you cannot sew lace like you can sew fabric, so she sewed the lace onto polyester organza.

The lace is positioned across the shoulders like a poncho.

She did this so that the shoulders would be seamless and not stick out. 

Starting to take shape.

This is looking really good! 

Piece by piece, the lace is added.

I am in love with the back!

My wedding dress was all lace, so I love this look! 


Just, wow! And here I can barely sew on a button. Well done!