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Christmas is celebrated in various ways throughout the world, many of which are not your typical tree-presents-nog setup the majority of us have come to expect. Some of the ways that we as a people celebrate the most festive time of year are completely bizarre, intriguing and, in some cases, completely disturbing. Such as …

10. The Santa Claus Olympics (Switzerland)


Who says Santa Claus is an old fat dude incapable of achieving physical feats? In Switzerland, hundreds of aspiring Santa Clauses gather to compete in the annual Santa World Championships. This bizarre-yet-fun festival consist of the usual things the jolly elf does during Christmas, like singing, dancing, sleigh racing, snow sculpturing, and climbing chimneys.

This unusual tradition is held in a small town called Samnaun, where Italy, Austria and Switzerland converge. Every year, people from around the world gather in this small town and compete in the hopes that they will be crowned the strongest, most physically fit Santa Claus around. Anyone can join this festive tradition, as long as they’re 18 years old, a kid at heart, and most importantly of all, absolutely shameless. Also, bring along three friends, as this bit of gleeful horseplay is strictly a team sport.

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