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Step 3: Pre-Stain the Plywood

The plywood that will soon become the “trees” of the tree house are then taken out to the garage and stained dark brown. A poly acrylic is added to the existing frame in the bedroom.

Step 4: Cut the Plywood Trees

Here’s where things really start to take shape! The plywood tree shapes are now cut out using a hand saw.

Step 5: Coat of Poly Acrylic

The entire frame in the bedroom gets another coat of poly acrylic paint.

Step 6: Route All the Edges

Dad makes sure all the edges are smooth and safe for his daughter by routing everything down.

Step 7: Assemble

The wooden trees, after being cut, painted, and routed, are brought into the room and attached to the bed frame and bureau.

Step 8: Coat of Polyurethane

To prevent anything from catching on fire, melting, or being disfigured in any way, the trees are given a coat of polurethane.

Step 9: Weave the Hammock

Using green bungee cords, a stretchy (but strong) hammock is woven. Once completely, it’s hung between the two trees, finishing the project.

Did the girls like their new bed? Considering they said, “We should show this to the President!” we’re guessing yes, they love their new bed. Too cute. 

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