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Anyone who has toddlers knows that trying to persuade them to get dressed and ready on their own can be an uphill battle. Getting a little one to simply sit still to put on their shoes can be a tiring confrontation in and of itself. So, you’d be surprised to know that there is one dynamic 1-year-old out there who doesn’t just get ready solo because she has to— she clearly loves it!

Little Millie is only 22-months-old, but she’s already an independent woman! The girl’s got a cute, sassy hairstyle, trendy leggings, and a faithful stuffed bunny by her side. What gal needs anything else?

And though she’s still in the midst of those heady toddler years, we think it’s safe to say that her “terrible twos” won’t involve throwing any tantrums over getting dressed to go out. You see, Millie is truly an aficionado when it comes to the art of putting on clothes, and we have the clip to prove it!

This hilarious viral video starts off with the young tyke seated on her stairs, focusing hard while shoving her feet into her teeny, tiny shoes.

The kid’s got some pretty advanced dexterity, especially considering her super young age. She manages to get her heels into those cute tennis shoes after just a couple of attempts! Millie even remembers to Velcro them on before getting up to move on to the rest of her special dressing ritual.

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