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These days, it seems that each household has its own unique story. Mixed families are a common reality for most, so that’s why we’re going to share the story of a very special one with you. This particular example shows that kids don’t necessarily need to be born into the perfect situation. It may come to them later, with a loving big bro to boot!

Rylee is a grade schooler who wants one thing in this world—brothers and sisters. As an only child, he says the he sometimes “feels lonely.” Interestingly enough, all of this changes for him one day when he gets called out of class and sent to the office. It is there that his waiting parents press ‘record’ on a camera and tell their son some life-changing news.

As the video begins, a school administrator nervously muses about what is probably going through the boy’s mind as he takes that dreaded walk to the principal’s office. “He’s probably thinking, ‘What did I do wrong?’ Poor kid,” she says. Poor kid, indeed! All of us remember how scary it was to get called out of class; we’re sure his imagination was running wild!

When the little guy finally makes it to the office, he nervously mumbles a bit about there not being “any dodgeball today,” and when he realizes that his folks are standing in the room with him he asks, “Where are we going?”

A completely valid question, if you ask us. We don’t blame Rylee for being confused!

It’s then that the little guy’s dad puts an end to all of the mystery and poses a big question to his son: “What do you think about having some brothers and sisters?”

The boy considers it for a second, then gives a very genuine answer. “That would be great!” he says. After getting the little guy’s ‘ok’, the father reveals more details. “Maybe four brothers and one sister?” he asks.

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