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Being pulled over by the police isn’t necessarily exciting. At best it’s a hassle, and at worst it’s just plain intimidating. That is, unless you’re not the one behind the wheel at all! Today we have a story of a big-hearted three-year-old whose mission was to keep a checkpoint cop from going hungry. Who knew kids could pick up on so much from sitting in that car seat?

This tale begins ordinarily enough. Kristen Lawrence and her toddler son Carter were driving to Arby’s to eat a meal when they were pulled over by an officer at a driver’s license checkpoint. At this point in the tale, we are already feeling for the mom and son—there’s nothing worse than having someone get in the way of food! Hopefully the little one wasn’t hangry!

Toddler Carter eating french fries

The young mother rolled down her window, and when the policeman, Captain Neil Fetner, saw that there was a cute youngster in the back seat, he automatically engaged him in conversation.

The Captain explains the endearing scenario to WIAT42, “When I was talking to mom, he let me know real quick that he was on his way to Arby’s.” Well, we certainly don’t blame the kid! He was probably ready to get going and eat!

When the officer asked Carter if he liked eating curly fries, the boy said “yes”—an instant bond! We love it when folks get along and come together as people—even if it is over curly fries.

Before letting Carter’s mom go, Captain Fetner requested one favor from the tyke. He asked, “You’re going to bring me some curly fries back?” The officer let the interviewer know that he was, of course, just playing around with the kid; he certainly wasn’t expecting to receive a curly fries delivery!

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