Did you get a chance to catch the SAG Awards this year? Don’t worry if you missed them because the internet has got your back. There were a lot of pretty cool moments, empowering speeches, and heartwarming reunions. The one moment that stuck out for everybody, though, was Winona Ryder’s iconic facial expressions while on stage with the Stranger Things cast for winning Best Ensemble in a Drama Series. They can only be compared to the faces we make as we try to navigate adulthood.

When all your friends start doing their taxes and you weren’t prepared for this responsibility.

When you finally have more than $100 in your savings account and don’t feel the need to spend it.

When you try to order the fancy menu items and still mess up the pronunciation.

And you have to pay the bill yourself.

When you have to start making your own dentist and doctor’s appointments.

When you finally do something right and realize everybody else had figured it out long before you.

When you come to the realization that you can have cake at any time of the day because you are a grown-up now.